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Rookie Blue Review: Breaking Up the Band

Andy needs to move on, and they need to bring in another guy from left field to spice things up. Time to move on, we have seen this love interest in other shows. They need to bring another guy who is competing with Sam on the show, kind of like rivalry. This will put a good spin on things. The audience will see which guy they think is ideal for Andy. Then Andy should see what type of qualities she is looking for a guy, is stability important or family or job or kids??? Then maybe her mother is kidnapped by a serial killer, it turns out the serial killer was someone that her mom had helped in the past. Serial killer wants revenge on her mom. Serial Killer is psychotic, who escaped fromt Mental Ward. He sends Andy crazy letters of her mother's torture. Andy's father steps up to plate and decides that he is going to help find his wife. Andy feels confused, and her whole family is sort of reuniting again. This would be a good plot for one of episodes