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Although I like Lexie, there is only one Grey I'm really interested in watching. So if majority of original characters leave, I'll probably be out too. I love Grey's, but every good thing has to come to an end, right? I just hope they don't drag it out for another 7 seasons like ER...


It was about time Grey's came back to being GREY'S Anatomy :D


lol, 2 storylines I'm looking forward to are MerDer trying for baby and Chief Resident race. From the promo it looks that competitive, sarcastic, kick-ass and "willing to do anything to win" Cristina is back. And that's the Cristina I adore, this storyline that dragged itself through 10 epis just didn't do it for me. I mean 3-4 epis were ok, but then it just turned into a big never-ending nightmare. I'd love to see her set everybody up in order to win, but if not her then I'd love for Alex to become the new Bailey. I love him, and he was amazing in this epi and season overall (for me best character so far in S7). Normally, I would vote for my fav character Mer, but somehow, this just doesn't seem like her battle to fight at this point. we'll see. can't wait though, the promo looks so promising ;)

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favorite grey's scenes (Episodes)


MerDer fan, I'll allow myself 10 their scenes+10 more...


1.Elevator proposal-loved how McDreamy approached to it after she said no in the previous 2 shots in the epi, and I adored everything he said about Mer... So true

2.After William's execution-How Derek knew exactly what Mer needed at that point. And that was Cristina :) And Ellen Pompeo was AMAZING in this scene

3.House of candles-Mer's speech&I loved when Derek asked "Where's the bedroom?" ;)

4.Derek coming to apologize after the fight they had  (S3, I think when Meredith told Mark that chief is retiring)-She looked so innocent and she didn't know what to do, and he came, apologized, kissed her and hugged her. Cute 

5.Last kiss description-Beautiful scene that I'll never forget

6."Wedding"-Loved the vows and how Derek kissed his "bride"+we saw in some upcoming epi the post it framed and standing on the wall over their bed

7.Pulling out of the water&working on Mer-Showed how much he truly cared about her and what she meant to him (and what she ofc still means to him)

8.Falling asleep on Meredith's shoulder-when Derek was exhausted after the long spinal tumor surgery. Shows how much he finds comfort in her and how big support she is ti him

9.Bringing Izzie's scans to his trailer-Showed Meredith's faith in Derek both as a surgeon and as a person

10.Hair smelling-in the elevator of course. I think I don't to say anything else for this one


I have to add that I pretty much love all the scenes equally so the order is not really relevant. And I love different things in each one, somewhere it's acting, somewhere beauty of the moment, somewhere the funny moments

1.Meredith waking up after drowning-I loved Cristina in this scene "You are the one person I wanted to tell. Thank you for not dying." And then tears in the corners of Mer's eyes. Awww

2.Bailey in Meredith's surgery-"You better not pull anything funny on me Grey". Shows how much Bailey cares for her interns

3.I love you Cristina Yang-This was actually said by Meredith ;) In the season 5 finale. Shows their forever lasting friendship and how much Meredith has changed, like Cristina pointed out

4.Alex&Mer, shower-Mer temporarily freaks out after Derek mentioned making babies so she ran to the nearest person she could trust-ALEX. I loved the scene, him naked in the shower and talking to her while she sat on the floor (I think). Love their brother/sister relationship

5.007-Meredith's discovery of John Doe's true identity. I love the scene simply because it was shocking, I for one didn't see it coming, and then as soon Mer said OMG it hit me. Once again, brilliant acting from Ellen Pompeo. I don't understand how she didn't get and Emmy so far for all her great work in portrayal of Meredith Grey

6.Izzie&Denny, revelation-When Izzie finally realizes what "I'm here for you" means. I love the scene because I thought it was a final confrontation between them (I think it was over the top bringing him again later in the season) and, although I dislike Katherine Heigl as a person, the acting was great in that scene

7.William's surgery-Bailey comes in and so atypically for her asks Derek to quit the surgery and basically kill William. I loved the darkness of the scene, tension building background music, and Cristina's little sarcastic comment "Dr Bailey should I put in a drain?" 

8.Christmas tree-Mer, Izzie, George and Doc, I love the meaning of that scene, showing how back there they were all one happy family

9.Meredith's transplant donation-I adored the cute scene with Lexie afterwards. Showed how finally Meredith warmed up to her and accepted her as her sister (actually half sister, but remember, Mer called her a sister in the finale :D ) and her biological family

10.Sparkle pager-I LOVED Cristina's competitive and little bit arrogant side coming up in this scene. Everything about it was comical, I just loved it

Also scenes worth mentioning (tons of them, but some that first come to my mind) are Cristina and Derek drinking coffee (when Sadie comes), Meredith helping Izzie to get up after Denny's death, Meredith on morphine, Addie's poison oak, Cristina operating on Derek (and all the scenes around it), Meredith's glass half empty when she tells her theory (while holding the bomb) that the hospital is going to explode, and BELIEVE IT OR NOT, the scene that always make ma laugh (believe it or not, because I don't really like the character) April's freak out:  "I saw it on Oprah or somewhere that if you tell them (murderers) more details about yourself, they're less likely to kill you..."

There you go, now it's your turn. lol I really made a huge post :D


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Five favourite characters

And, just to add, from the newest additions, I love Jackson. He is such a badass, and I loved how he remembered the little trick in Derek's surgery.

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Five favourite characters

1.Meredith-Instantly fell in love with her character, I adore Mer. She went through so much, and still managed to become great and lovable person she is today.

2.Cristina-took that position from Derek, who was long my number 2. But Cristina is just...CRISTINA. I love her competitive side which is always gonna be a part of her, and I adore her friendship with Mer. What she did in the finale...Hardcore and amazing.

3.Derek-who doesn't love McDreamy? Patrick Dempsey is such an amazing actor, and he brings something special in portrayal of Derek's character. I love his dedication to what he does, and his compassion for patients.

4.Bailey-I love Miranda, she is such an amazing teacher and she cares so much about her interns (and yes, I know they are residents now ;) ) And I love how she manages to be an extraordinary surgeon and a good mum

5.Alex-At first, he was just another character for me. But, from the end of season 4, I really started to warm up to him. His character has grown so much, I think the most of all (though Meredith came long way up too). I love his friendship with Mer, their beautiful brother-sister bondage. And how he took care of Ava (whom I didn't really like) and Izzie (yeah, I didn;t like her either)... With all the history we've learned, it's a miracle how he became what he is

There, my top 5. Gotta add, I also love Mark, Arizona and Lexie has really grown to my heart.

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