Hi My Names Jessikah Im an obsessed Grey's Anatomy fan. The end.
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Death and All His Friends

This was The BEST Episode of Greys ever!
They all did such an amazing job acting this out! :)
Looking Forward to Season 7!
I Loves GREYS!

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No obsessed are you with Grey's Anatomy

Im Pretty Obsessed.

I Watch at least 3-5 Episodes of Greys each Day.

My Patrick Dempsey Calender Has the Date Of When A Season Starts and Finishes And Also When a Season Comes Out On DVD.

I Have Posters Of Greys Anatomy And Actors/Actresses From Greys Anatomy All Over My Walls.

I Always Check For New Spoilers for upcoming seasons.

I Constantly Annoy My Friends By Talking About Episodes of Greys Over and Over.

Everyone In My Family Knows Not To Talk When Greys Is On.

Most of My Dreams are About Greys.

My Screensavers for my Computer And Phone Are Greys.

I Have All The Seasons On DVD.

I Watch Greys stuff on Youtube.




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Five least favorite Grey's character's

1.  ROSE! - Like Who didnt hate her? She knew Derek stilled loved Mer but she dated him anyways. Stupid horse-faced BITCH!

2. Hahn - I Thought she was way to mean to Christina and very annoying!

3. Ava - She was crazy.

4. Burke - Never liked him for some reason.

5. Sadie - What was even the point of her even being on the show?

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Top Ten Grey's Anatomy Characters! (Relationships)


1. Meredith

2. Derek

3. Addison

4. Mark

5. Christina

6. Alex

7. Arizona

8. Bailey

9. George

10. Cheif


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