Michelle is chair ftw


I won caption contest number...65? I think. Haha.


"Rufus: Uh huh, I'll tell him. Thanks, bye.
Dan: What's up, Dad?
Rufus: That was Miss Carr. She wants her virginity back."


:D yup, that was me. ^^

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Michelle is chair ftw
Gossip Girl Caption Contest 82

Lily: What caused the accident?
Serena: I really don't know. One I was moaning and the next minute I was being strapped onto a stretcher.
Lily: Why were you moaning?
Serena: Tripp was--um...I love you, mommy!

Michelle is chair ftw
Gossip Girl Caption Contest 81

Dan is blinded by the glory of Nate having more than one facial expression.

Michelle is chair ftw
Leighton Meester Sizzles in GQ

really cool photos, i think she looks geat. it's a little much but i like that she's been stepping out of the box lately. she needs balance, can't be a good girl all the time.