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Revenge Review: Predators Are Everywhere

A solid episode but it really was just setting things up for the end of season. I think Nolan is the most annoying character on TV but I still come back for more, because the rest of this show's cast is so good. The writing is great and I just love how unbelievably absurd it is. More arse kicking from Emily would be great.
Love James Purefoy and so glad he is in this. That just added more layers to the mystery.


This was definitely one of the poorest SP episodes in a long time. I thought last week's episode was of a high quality but this got old fast and the live action parts did absolutely nothing to add to any humour. My favourite eps are normally ones where the boys have an adventure that is self contained with somewhat implicit social commentary undercurrents, but this was so lame. The joke of taking off those types of shows was done in the first 5 minutes and then it was just repeating itself, which is bad because the original comedic premise of this episode wasn't that funny to begin with. At first I thought, oh cool, this is going to turn into a parody of the Hunger Games, but it didn't.