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The Vampire Diaries Review: Oh, Brother

Why dont they jst steal a note out of buffys book and use a missle launcher on Klaus, sure Damon could steal one. Also tvfantic can you give us the option to turn off the really annoying adverts at the side or at least the sound.

Video: Community Flash Mob Occupies NBC

Brilliant!!!!! Hopefully if this is kept up community can be saved from the money grabbing accountants, saving the best most original comedy show in a long time

Sons of Anarchy Review: Shots by the Son

Brilliant episode, dont think Clay will die though looks like he had a vest on, the bullet going towards his heart was stopped while the bullet to his right hand side made it through. Wish Ottos (Sutter) character could have been developed further seems like an intresting guy, loved the list of dues owed to him, just showing how he gave eveything for the club and lost everything, mirroring the same effect the club has on so many people

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