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Gossip Girl Spoilers: Chuck. Blair. Sex.

i love chuck and blair.
that is all.

Does Chuck Have Amnesia on Gossip Girl?

i agree if you hate the show, then please get lost

Gossip Girl Caption Contest 104

J: so, don't get too bored and die while im gone
E: oh no, i actually have something to look forward too, how blairs gonna kill u when you do return
J: are u being sarcastic?
E: no really, hurry back, this going to be epic
J: bye eric *with her signature jenny smile*
E: take care jenny *signature eric smile*
*they hug*

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Why are the "dair" fans?

ok so i ship chair. but the reason i dont really like dair is because of the previous seasons and the actual character blair who as we know is a complete bitch. who hates middle class, wants a prince and believe's everyone in the whole world is below her.

do really think she would be with dan. i love dan, and him and serena kinda compliment each other but him with blair is practically the gossip girl writers completely changing blair cause they are running out of idea's and another cheap shot at ruining the serena and blair friendship. dan and blair friendship is different and they have some pretty funny moments lol :)

So that is why i dont really like dair, i didnt hate on the dair fans. support whoever u want to; 

and to the chair haters, love is hard, and crazy. and can feel like your wasting your time, but if you really think that love should be happy and easy all the time, then i think you may be delirious. quote from veronica mars: no one writes songs about the ones that come easy 

i'll prob never reply cause im so gonna forget but yea. hahaha :)


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