I am Delana/Janna/Stefannioe fan,as well as NJBC fan(Serenate/Chair) And I also write fanfics,with the same name.
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Why in hells name did they give Anna such a pathenic death?You should have,made her leave town or protect Jer but die in the progcess.


Damon is love in Elena for sure.

The Vampire Diaries Caption Contest 7


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Delena 2x03 Promo Pic!

nxt eppy promises EPIC for Delena fans.(me being 1!!)

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Stefan and Caroline Awww

That scence was so cute.

As a vampire,Caroline is wayy more bearable.

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Damon & jermeys relationship

@ the Stefan and Caroline fans.

Huh,I'm still on the Caroline and Tyler me crazee or whatever,but I'm still on the particlly-empty wagon of Cyler!

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