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Personally I think 2 hours would have been better. More could have been covered in that time.
a couple key points I thougtht were great
-Meredith finds her way back to derek
-Addison still cheated on Derek
-Owen is still really messed up from war
-Christina is still a machine but deep inside she has a heart
-Callie was discovering that she liked girls by being around arizona.
-Arizona and Callie find their way back to eachother
-They all looked strange and hot with the different hair
-The shout out to teddy made me giggle
-The Chemistry between jackson and lexie was crazy
- In the end lexie's "sister" saved her life I wouldnt want this univer to exsist because that would mean that there would have never been a erica hanh so callie probly wouldnt have prusud arizona. Also i think addison would have still left if she got prego.
All in all you cannot escape fate was the selling point of the whole show. The way they are now is how they are ment to play out.

Callie and Arizona Image

I feel that callie bout their dream house for them not merder house because that would be pointless.

The Loving Parents and the Sitter

awwwwwww cutest people