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NATE AND JENNY, YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!Ohmy, I am really hoping something happens. First of all, because I am a HUGE fan of them together (though I don´t care for Nate with any other caracter). Second, because, please, the way they made Serena and Nate in this season was the worst thing they could have ever done (besides making Chair lose some of their sex appeal). Mostly, I agree with Claire: all you Serenate fans need to take a chill pill.


1 - I really thought it was Blair, they don´t lookalike, but they totally have the same hair style.
2 - Please, don´t let it be his real mom. Please, just don´t.
3- I do, however, think it would be kinda cool if she was and later said she wasn´t just to leave him have his normal life, like someone said before (sorry, it is on the comments 1st page and I don´t remember your name).
4 - About the what Ed-said-about-Leigh topic. As much as my romantic heart wants and prays for the two of them to end up together, I really don´t see what the big deal is. To me, it is just an ordinary comment, really, he could have said that about anyone.


"The Sixteen Year Old Virgin"
Mon., March 22, 9 p.m. (NEW, 3.15) --> looks like Jenny is losing her castidy bell oh-oh...
anyway, about the debarted, I am so excited about this episode!So much that I am actually scared that it won´t be good...If there are not enough Chair scenes I am really going to be disappointed.

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ew...jenny's a homewrecker! (Spoilers)

xSarahh, you are my heroine, really. I agree with pretty much everything you say (wich gives me hope that someone understands me...) and thank you to explaining to some people what a homewrecker is and why Jenny is not one.

The remains of the S., THANK GOD the show and the book are totally diffrent. I don´t know what I would do if they were the same!Nevertheless, I do agree that S/N/B have epic potential, BACK IN S01, and thank god they didn´t use it, because they created a much better triangle, C/B/N, wich is totally epic.

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Chair pictures from today. they look like a couple (Spoilers)

delilah is better than you, really?Too bad they dont film in Brazil! lol I would give anything to see them acting!

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I agree with all of you. Jeez, people are just blowing things over the top, he just made her turn away and some people make it seem like he gave her a punch. Truthfully, I loved the scene, one of the best in the seasons.

like watching sunshine and daisies compared to what he did last year.

^^^ And I'm waiting for it to get even darker.

Me too. I like mature-Chuck, but everyone has issues and it would be wrong for Chuck to just forget his because now he is in a relationship. Ohmy, really, I am having such high espectations of this episode, especially after watching this scene. Please dont disappoint me, GG writers - not more than you have already, anyway-

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