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SAMCRO Meeting

i just have to say that is the coolest table. love it.

Sons of Anarchy Review: "Service"

I think we all could use more 90 minute shows!! and to patriot, your just a hater..jealous! name a show that's on T.V right now that is better. what? Idol, Dancing with the stars? oh wait maybe you like Kate and her plus 8..and for it not making it very long, have you listen to all the people who love it. people can't wait for it to come back on. and Ron Perlman doesn't portray a bad biker. I wasn't to sure about seeing him in a biker role, but he actually does good. he pulls it off. what never meet a biker like him? hope many, many, many more years and episodes to come...

Fa Guan Scene

the picture 'Fa Guan" with the fire is way cool!This is the best show out in a very long time..thank you you brought television show back. don't care much for all this singing. Dancing.and Talent shows and oh the bachelor. and bachelorette, BORING!!!! wish your episodes could go for longer time. hour just makes it so hard to wait until the next week to come to watch. your show is like a drug!!LOL!!!a good one at that..I really hope you stay on for a lot more years to come.hope your the longest running show in history..you have us all addicted to it. hey how about a sons movie!???!! keep on riding!!