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You need to stop taking so many breaks! We love the show but many viewers will lose interest with all the breaks. Please we want to watch!!

The Vampire Diaries Caption Contest 48

Okay-lighten up it's a holiday-I'll go back on my bunny diet tomorrow!

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the vampire diaries may be cancelled!

They have to stop taking so many breaks.  It is not even March and we have to wait again until April.  Why??

I don't know if it is true but it sure seems to me that there are more and more commercials packed into each episode.

Writers don't leave plot holes-don't turn your attention to a companion show (rumor) keep writing with the same style of drama and edge the viewers have come to expect.

Use the assetts you have-get those gorgous actors out more to do promotions and commercials for the show.

We don't want to lose the show-We love the vampire diaries-so every one has to watch and do their part.

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