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For some weird reason i almost cried when chuck got shot, and how his face was when Blair found out about him and Jenny. Im not mad at chuck moreless jenny because she was just another whore he used to mourn over Blair, but Jenny knew what she was doing, she knew that it was her first. Blair, should understand and listen to chuck i mean she didnt show up on time (not her fault) but she could of texted him, whats the difference from finding Jenny there then a hooker, because when their in his house its nothing.Now Jenny, i feel sorry for her because she really screwed up her life ... loosing her virginty to her adopted step brother...Nasty! Poor Chuck, Poor B, Poor Jenny!

Gossip Girl Caption Contest 103

Cameron: Again, why do we have to stand so still?
Blair: Because a white haired racon just creeped in.
Cameron: I know im new at this but isnt that umm Dan's sister.
Blair: HUSH it's attracted to your sweater, (i know im suprised too) but it may attack!


Isn't Dan her step Brother n' don't they share a lost sibling? WOAH&$#! thats nasty S, u sure do keep it close!