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Inked: Ed Westwick Gets Two New Tattoos

ugly,ugly,ugly... above all the feather


i am... disappointed... =(
i didn't like the playing-storyline with chuck and blair.
serena hast become such a b*tch.. and what about that weird horse-riding scene :-O
it was way too much serena and not enough chair!! the only highlight was the "I'm not chuck bass without you" scene.
i hope the following episodes get better.
vanessa looks so ugly with her hair extensions!! but haha she's the only poor girl now :P

Gossip Girl Season 3 Premiere Promo Revisted

when i watched the other wtf promos i didn't realize that this blonde girl was actually kissing chuck on his neck or do i get something wrong :-O

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The Freshman (Season 3)

i thought there weren't enough chair scenes. but i loved the G-B interaction! i hated serena in the episode, but i wrote that somewhere else and if i started again i would probably start insulting her^^

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Thoughts on the episode

i didn't like the episode that much. i don't like the fact that chuck and blair have such bad luck. serena was a real bitch in the episode. i hated her -.- how could she do this??? suck a crackw***e. i'm sorry i'm saying this and i hope noone feels offended but i'm just disappointed!!

i want more chair scenes and i want them to be happy and to have all the luck

and the writers should not waste storylines on serena or vanessa...

but i loved how blair ruined georgina's party. i love the catfights between them. G and B are great =)

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Is anyone else sick of Blair getting shat on all day long?

i hate that blair is always picked on by somebody.

even at constance B has not always been queen. at first there was serena and then there was blair, so she always had competition.

i want her to be the real queen at college for once. and who would rather watch vanessa/the trolls movies than going to a sushi party??

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