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Accidently hit submit comment when I went to add one after no in she was always there but no one ever noticed second to last sentence. In the last sentence she never gave up. And I didn't get to finish writing...
Then she gets in an accident of some sort and has to be brought in to the hospital and they figure out she has been there the whole time or Lexie does with her photographic memory. flashing back to times in the past where she is there but no one noticed because her hair changed and other things changed. But she isn't stalking him 24/7 she is doing research somewhere, or working with cancer survivors she has a life but she checks on him. Or comes back for him again and she wants babies and needs fertilized eggs


Just started watching the show about two months ago. I was watching tv and working but I turned on show basically to have on in the background. I feel absolutely in love with the show and haved watched every show from all seasons up to current show. What I can say is that Izzie needs to be back the show is definitely missing that magic without her. I must start off by saying I have never been a heigel fan. It always seem like there is something off between her and her characters. Then I watched Grey's Anatomy and it seemed like she that's where she should be. I think she made some mistakes but if Shonda learns from her characters she should learn to forgive and adapt. Maybe she is like a life-line if things get bad but why chance it. I would love for her to return and be with Alex. It would have to be a big entrace with a crazy idea. Like she never left him. She was always there but no ever noticed. She left her love once came back he pushed her a way but never gave up.

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