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Chuck With Georgina Pic

Is anyone else noticing THE SCARF(!), I have been missing that thing so much!

The Vampire Diaries Music: "The Birthday"

I was so Happy when I heard Two Door Cinema Club. They're my favorite band ever!


Everyone knows, despite how they try to deny it, that Dair is a fling. Chair is forever. Plus if this from the finale and then why would Chuck be smiling if Blair was with anyone but him.

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Finn and Quinn reunited!!!! (spoiler)

Urggg... I am soooo irritated! Could they not have at least one couple that is both cute and interesting (meaning not Mike and Tina) last for more than two seconds. They were so adorable together, plus the promise ring was such a romantic gesture. I was hoping the would last at least a season, but hopefully forever. Oh and that Lauren chick needs to go, her and Puck = weird.

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