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Gossip Girl Round Table: "Carrnal Knowledge"

1. What was your favorite Gossip Girl quote from the episode?
Blair: "With friends like these who needs friends" 2. Nate and Vanessa: Kind of cute, totally useless or both?
At first it was cute, but seriously getting boring now 3. Who acted more inappropriately: Blair for smearing Dan and Rachel on Gossip Girl, or Rachel for befriending/flirting/acting totally unprofessional with students?
I would have to say that Blair's actions were worse. Of course it is a signature Blair moment, so I'm not that surprised that she did it . I don't blame her for doing what she had to do to keep her self at Constance and her spot at Yale. 4. Is this it for Derena or will they give it a fourth (fifth? We've lost count) try?
I think this is officially it between Derena . Those two going back and forth is definitely making me dizzy. 5. What will become of Chuck Bass and his mystery nanny-escort?
I think those corporate clients that she was warning Chuck about snatched her up because they found out about Chuck and their secret may come to light .Or maybe she just decided to disappear for awhile until she thinks Chuck has forgotten about her . Side-bar: A really question that needs to be asked :Should we expect something serious to happen to between Rachel and Dan? Their "forbidden" lust for each other seems to easy , something bad is to become of this.


I was so excited about this episode. Loved to rainbow of colors that Blair and the minions created with their coats( sorry, had a fashion moment). I'm starting to get a little worried about Chuck , where exactly is this character going? I guess its the suspense that's keeping me interested in him. Glad to see that Blair is back at Constance and still in the running for Yale. So I guess it clear to see that the Serena/Dan escapade is over. This episode definitely opened up some new drama for the show . Cant wait for next week and I'm still trying to understand the relevance of Nate and Vanessa hopefully something interesting happens because they are boring me to death.


1. What was your favorite Gossip Girl quote from the episode? Blair:" I believed in you, your father believed in you, you were the only one that didn't" 2. Where do Chuck and Blair go from here? I don't think its officially over yet as least not for Chuck. I do believe that Chuck will finally make a change for the better to prove to Blair that he can be better, but I think Blair has had enough. 3. On a scale of 1-10, rate Nate and Vanessa's respective uselessness in this episode. To be honest , I'm still trying to understand her relevance to the show. As for Nate- its about time they brought him back into the show. Vanessa- 2 , Nate- 9 , Combined - brings it down to a 3. I forgot they even decided to establish a relationship. I was too focused on what was going on with Chuck and Blair. 4. Most unbelievable: A teenager named CEO of a billion-dollar real estate conglomerate, Jenny's hair, or Nelly Yuki being stealthy enough to gank Dan's phone? I wasn't too surprised about Chuck becoming CEO , but I do believe that his father set him up to fail .That way Chuck could never say that his father always doubted him .Jenny's hair - I refuse to comment. Nelly is really brave and desperate at the same time, but I guess some people will do whatever it takes to become a minion :). 5. So Andrew isn't dead after all. How will Rufus and Lily find this out? Nope, but I can understand his adoptive parents not wanting to know that he is really alive. This just opens a chapter into the story of Rufus and Lily. What I really want to know is what is gonna happen to Serena and Dan?