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Gossip Girl Caption Contest 56

Blair: Please tell me this isn't our sex tape.
Chuck: What can I say? I tend to make good girls go bad.
Blair: That is a Cobra Starship song! Not a life choice!


The Georgina clip literally made me LMAO.
That was amazingly funny.
"Okay,someone needs to get this crazy girl outta here."
"Are you trying to KILL me, Bass?" hahahaha. CAN'T WAIT.

Brittany Snow: The Lily Rhodes Mug Shot

Okay, I for one think Brittany is a great choice for Lily. She has... spunk. I like her a lot. :)

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who will win waldorf????? (Spoilers)

Team Chair, always and forever.

Blair just.. doesn't act like Blair when she's with Nate. She acts like a helpless little girl. It's ridiculously annoying.

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Sparks (Spoilers)

Well, wasn't Chuck also saying Nate and Blair had no "sparks"?

To which she replied, they had "more than that, they had fireworks."

Something along those lines. Anywho. I'm thinking it obviously means the return of Georgina ( :D - - After all, thing were starting get a little dull around here) and a long.awaited CB re-flaming. Since, they do have the sparks.

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