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this has to be Chase and Mia

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Who has read the Gossip Girl books?

I read the books...well I haven't finished yet.

I loved Nair in the books, even if I think Nate is even more confused(stoned) which is annoying, cuz he can't choose between S and B all the f*** time.Serena wasn't a good match, he just belongs to Blair !!!

Vanessa was like-able, but I think Dan was kinda boring in the books.And Rufus should be a freak as in them xP

Even if I love TV-Eric, I love Book-Eric, too :)

And Aaron was so funny sometimes (Cyrus and Eleanor weren't)

I wish Blair would get a sibling or had one from the beginning.Tyler was so cool xP

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who is your best guest star?

Damien // Jack // Carter


after them...let's see.......


Tripp // Eva // Juliet

(just because I love Aaron, Clemence and Katie xP - I hated their characters on the show!!!)

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It isn't about Gossip Girl, I know, but I love readin blogs and I wondered if any of you guys here are writin??? Maybe you wanna share your URL here :)


Mine is: http://lou-daybyday.blogspot.com/

But it's written in german, so if some people here are german or understand it,please hav a look and comment, if you like :)



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