Hi, I just registered as a member from this site but I have been on it for a few months now, I just kept it on the homepage;) My name is Bo, I am 18 years and I live in the Netherlands.

My favs GG's are Leighton and Taylor.

I've got nothing against Blake and Jess, both are amazing and beautiful actresses, but you can't love them all;).

I am a Chair fan but I get it if you don't love them, we can't love the same (would be a boring world) just don't force me you're oppinion and than I won't give you mine;)

Guess that's all.


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I saw Age of Ultron last night and I have no idea how Agents of Shield is supposed to tie in. Aside of the Strucker mention and the experimenting on enhanced people there was nothing from this episode of AoS in the movie; no cameo's or mentions.
The only thing I can think of is that SHIELD seemed more together in the movie so I suppose that means that The "Real" SHIELD and Coulson will come to an agreement soon or Coulson stepping down and Fury taking over again. Either way, they could have just used Ward as promotion for this episode instead of Age of Ultron dominating that trailer.


"Whether or not he's an upgrade is debatable, but hey, at least he didn't kill their mother."
He did though. After they were turned into vampires he killed Esther.

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But Beauty and the Beast isn't such a new show... Also the ratings are pretty bad so it's not weird to be surprised at this.