Hi, I just registered as a member from this site but I have been on it for a few months now, I just kept it on the homepage;) My name is Bo, I am 18 years and I live in the Netherlands. My favs GG's are Leighton and Taylor. I've got nothing against Blake and Jess, both are amazing and beautiful actresses, but you can't love them all;). I am a Chair fan but I get it if you don't love them, we can't love the same (would be a boring world) just don't force me you're oppinion and than I won't give you mine;) Guess that's all. XOXO Bo
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Loving the idea,, it could work out. But it can easily blow up in their face too! I would watch though.

Jessica Szohr Covers 2 Magazine

@Cacherr1 Lol doesn't matter it's your oppinion,, I think Leighton is beautiful but I don't think that all her styles are a succes. With Jess right now,, I don't think she is georgous but I do think she has something beautiful around her and I have seen photo's of her that I thought where amazing,, but this isn't one of her best though.

A Szohr Beauty

This is my fav picture of her.

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Kinda sorta getting there?

I think that the upcoming storylines have a really good prospect. I have just one big fear.

Everytime GG has a big suprise, OMG part or,, well anything big. we know it even weeks before the episode will air. So my fear for after the hiatus is that the storylines will be way better but that we will know half what will happen anyway.

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Vampire Diairies

Absolutely love it, been adicted since episode 1 (and I don't even live in the US so it doesnt air here xd)

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lol at first glance I see Eliza Dushku

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