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I agree with Stingoo. I have been frequenting this website for months for a number of shows, but Desperate Housewives has always been my favorite since its inception. The series has had its ups and downs, but my assessment of each episode and season has always been fair. I don't think I've seen a single positive or constructive thing come out of your reviews in the past three to five episodes. At this point I think you are just complaining, and the 'reviews' of the episodes have ceased to be reviews.
No 'touching' moments? Are you sure you didn't watch the same episode as I did? Susan and her mother was a great plot line. The twist was expected, but the conversation at the end was heartbreaking and genuine.
As for Gabby: We are seeing another side to Gaby besides the whiny petulant ex-model she usually is (and I do love Gabby, as well as the other main characters) with this storyline that is (I'll admit) a bit recycled. We know that she's going to have a break down, and the 'breakdown' may be a recycled storyline, but they are doing it with a character more prone to funny storylines than dramatic ones. The twist with the gun actually took me by surprise. And there's still the question of who planted it there, whether it was Zach, Beth, or someone else. I don't think this episode was dull at all; I actually found it very enjoyable. If you are bored with the show, why don't you let somebody else take over the reviewing, somebody who won't praise it endlessly but someone who won't complain nonstop and nitpick about some details and forget about entire other stories. Perhaps someone who will fairly assess each episode and call out the good, the bad, and the ugly? But I agree with you on the doll shop owner. She makes Eddie look like a perfectly sane human.

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