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"Reversals of Fortune" GG Round Table via gossipgirlinsider.com 1. What was your favourite Gossip Girl quote from this episode?
Bree Buckley: You pulled my hair during Clinton's inaugural ball.
ha ha ha. First, how would you remember that? They would have been what? 2 or 3? 2. Chuck and Blair's game: Hot, boring or asking for trouble?
Chuck and Blair are asking for trouble, but it's hot that they're doing everything they can to avoid being boring. I also think it's humorous/ironic that Nate and Serena are the voices of reason. 3. Rate Vanessa's uselessness this week on a scale of 1-10.
About an 8. Love Jessica, hate Vanessa. 4. Will Nate really cut ties with his famiy - and what does his grandfather have up his sleeve?
Nate the squatter? Check. Nate the man-whore? Check. Nate sans Vanderbilts? I don't think so. And Grandfather doesn't do 'up his sleeves', that's what Tripp is for. 5. Do you like the new Dan?
Same Dan just better clothes and since I was an avid Dan-quote-fan, the answer would be yes. BONUS QUESTION: How do you feel about Serena and Carter as a couple?
Ummm ... Carena? Or Serter? Doesn't really roll off the tongue. But we'll see what happens during the season.

Gossip Girl Caption Contest 52

Dan: Look, an awards list.
Vanessa: What does it say?
Dan: Wait, what? I don't always wear the same black vest.
Vanessa: I don't always show up randomly. What? Why am I in there?
Dan: Well, it's because you do show up randomly. All the time, Vanessa.
Vanessa: *scoffs* Well, you do always wear the same vest. All the time, Dan.