I'm 17 years old and from germany. I'm badly obsessed with GG and even more with chuck and blair. In my opinion they are just perfect! I'm also editing fanvideos, not only about CB/GG but most of the time ;) if you want you can check some of my videos out ;)
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sure as hell TEAM ALEK! just look at brian. he's like that little lost puppy... exapt he's not even cute at all. by the way: isn't the show on tuesdays and not mondays???

Ed, Clemence

it kinda looks like the size of a watch-box. but why would chuck give a catier - watch to his love interest ?!?! but well-hell. it's not blair, so why not send her something more inappropriate XD

Gossip Girl Caption Contest 115

Clemence:'so the script says we have to kiss, hm?'
Ed: 'apparently.'
Clemence:'my lip still hurt from the last time you accidentally bit it.'
Ed: 'hey, that was not my fault, you're just a bad kisser.' -pouts-

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Why did they delet this amazing scene?!

gosh, just found the deleted scene, supposed to be happening in "a wonderful lie", which will be featured on the dvd specials of season 2.

I can't believe they deleted that scene!!! especially because it would have shown chuck and nate's friendship in another light. (before the whole NB thing started all over)

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Chuck and Jenny (Spoilers)

gosh, ed looks sooooo f-ing hot!!! can't wait for the new season!!! and I like that they actually gave him a plain white suit. not that I wouldn't appreciate his extraordinary clothing, but somehow I prefer classic XD


and OMG. that look that ed throws her at the end def can be interpreted as a "ravage me, and you'll like it"-Chuck Bass glare!!!

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