i really hate television but i'm in awe of gossip girl. i've never seen a better looking cast before. I think everyone is great. I don't think anyone in that cast is annoying or anything. I love em all. I'm still waiting to see Michelle and Sebastian on the cover of the DVDs with the rest of the cast. They made seasons 1&2 even better than they already are.    

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Here we go. 2 love triangles. Chuck, Blair & Dan, and the other Serena, Nate & Jenny. Pairing Dan & Blair together will have Chuck all over MAD. How did Chuck and Dan resolve their hate towards each other anyway? Everyone gets along. We need to see the guys have their cat fights again. I don't buy Nate & Serena having a serious relationship at all! Its time Jenny gets he guy and Dan gets a relationship that isn't boring. Vanessa always sticks out, but I think she should experiment with more women for a short while in college. I just don't know who else she'd be great with. What ever happened to finding out who GossipGirl is??? Those episodes are never boring.