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It's delusional because it's not true, based on what anyone has seen.


You says it's NOT true because it's not what anyone has seen, yet that's not true because the people who actually know the characters better than you, shocking I know, said it. I am sorry you are slowly realizing NS aren't going to be together, but there is no need to spout shit you can't seem to back up besides it's true because nobody sees it. I am sure you went door to door and took a poll, otherwise how would you be privy to that information? It's okay, wallow in your pain and I'll continue to enjoy seeing DS be epic and also being forshadowed for endgame. Oh and btw, didn't you love their scene in the bedroom when they said WHEN they get together? It was my favorite bb ;-) 


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Things I'd Rather Do Than Ship Nate & Serena....

be forced to look at celebrity **** pictures at 4:40am. 

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Derena v.s. Serenate

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