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Hi! I am obsessed with all things Chair. Also nail polish. Atonement. Getting Blair's headbands on ebay. Gone With The Wind. (Which is TOTALLY Chair.) James Bond movies. Biting my cuticles. Making fun of Miley Cyrus. I also have an account on FanFiction: ronXbouillabase.
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I think Elle is just terrible, and the whole Chuck/Elle thing is just ATROCIOUS! BLAIR IS HIS ONE TRUE LOVE!
I think the Nate/Blair moving in thing is just hilarious. I mean, how stupid is it to be like, "I know you're into that guy so let's move in together"?

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I DO NOT WANT CHAIR AGAIN!!! :@ (Spoilers)

Chair's relationship is complex and always-shifting. Chuck is now the more immature one, and he loves Blair but he's all broken up and insecure. So, I know they will work out but now is a rocky time for them.

Nate cannot understand Blair because he is not like Blair!!!! Nate is not a hopeless romantic and he is not insecure in that sense, and he is not manipulative. Chair is endgame. They are like two halves of a person.

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Is Chuck staring at... (Spoilers)

I think they 'oops' mixed up tracks, although Chuck is clearly staring at Vanessa it might not be romantic, that director guy for the age of dissonance play is probably Vanesa's new love interest. I am actually an N and V fan but they probably won't last....: D

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Still hate Vanessa! Ugh! Chuck! Using Vanessa as....revenge sex?

Blair sems to just want general. Make-up sex. Ew.

I thought it was hilarious and sad that Blair and Carter were kissin' in front of Chuck....and did you see the way she stared after him?

I don't like how Blair has to chase after Chuck now. Instead of the other way round. It itches me like a mosquito.

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