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Jessica Szohr Struts Her Stuff

why doesn't she wear her hair like that on the show??? i don't get it...or at least they could just straighten it for her...curly doesn't do ti at all...

Gossip Girl Spoiler: No More Nate and Jenny?

love it! he should also hook up with V. again cause N. is beginning to bore me...he's done nothing scandalous lately...and for me, hooking up with that 400 year old dinosaur was completely boring and i soooo didn't care for it...

Promo For "The Magnificent Archibalds"

If it weren't for little J. the Humphrey family would be soooooooo boring. Whenever Dan or Rufus have a scene i'm like: "yawwwn..." so are all my friends who watch G.G.
Also, what is it with Aaron??? ok, so he is cuter than Dan but why does S. always have to pick the complete losers???