Mrs.Crawford ships Serenate

Favorite Characters:

Nate, Chuck, Blair, Eric, Serena, Jack

Characters I Like:

Georgina, Dan, Rufus, Lily, Carter, Damien

Characters I HATE:

Vanessa, Olivia, Jenny(for trying to break up Serenate)

Favorite Couples:

Nate/Serena, Chuck/Blair, Dan/Vanessa (convience ship)



Serenate And Chair.. Have Faith. Gossip Girl writers still have a chance to make things right in Season 4.

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Last Tango, Then Paris

I wonder how they're going to incorporate everything in to the finale. I really think it's Nate who gets shot, even though i REALLY don't want him too. He is my favorite. Go Serenate and Chair!!!

Will Someone Die on Gossip Girl?

I want it to be Jenny or Vanessa. But I think it's gonna be Lily cause I think she's really sick-- that would explain the really strong pain killers Jenny stole from her and why she's been seeing Dr. Van Der Woodsen.

The Unblairable Lightness of Being

Everyone is so different from the start of the Season, I miss Season 1&2 GG. But finally Serenate can be together.