My name is Emma :) I'm eighteen years old. I love to talk. I love Grey's Anatomy. I also love NCIS and Twilight, but thats a whole other story.  
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Five out of five for me as well! I love Greys. I really hope Ellen and Patrick are back for season nine. Or if they must leave, at least have a happy ending (:


As annoying as scenes that focus on the new characters are, I can make an exception for a shirtless scene from Jesse Williams. Does anyone remember his body in Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2? Yum :)

Meredith and John Doe

How is it that George looks like that there? And then in the last few moments in surgery he looks fried crispy? (for a lack of better words)

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Who's That Quote From? (Fan Fiction)

The first episode (A Hard Day's Night)

Burke to George when George said he promised the paitents wife her husband would be okay



"I don't need to talk about it, I experienced it... naked."

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7x01 info (Spoilers)


I think Mer should tell Derek about her miscarriage, even if it made him feel worse. If she doesn't tell him and he finds out, that would basically destroy any trust he had in her. Not to mention other people know. I mean, if you were Derek, would you want to find out your "wife" kept a pregnancy and a miscarriage from you? And that Christina, Owen, April, Jackson, a nurse, AND Gary freaking Clark all knew she was pregnant and you didn't? Losing a child, no matter if in the womb or the outside world, is something a couple should work through together. I just hope when Meredith tells Derek everything that they actually show it on screen. And I hope Meredith tells him, and not stupid April or someone those secrets that are hidden in a marriage for a long time usually destroy a marriage when they are uncovered....Ughhh I can't wait for September 23rd!


On a different note, does anyone think that Izzie would somehow find out about the shooting? I mean woudn't it be on the news and stuff. I know KH is done and isn't coming back, but wouldn't it seem VERY un-Izzie like for her not to even call someone to check to see if everyone was okay?

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Most awkward scene? (Episodes)

One awkward scene for me was when Bailey gave Callie advice on the va-jay-jay lol

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