I love Greys Anatomy sooo much!!! My favorite charater is GEORGE!! My hamster's even named Georgie O'Malley....LOL.

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i agree with dani!! omg i was so offended by sloan's behiover. he is usually out of line, but this was wayyyy out of line!


Alright sorry I'm alittle late with this, i watched the premire last night, because I had a huge test on friday and had to study thursday night! But anyway here it goes: I hate this say this but someone asked me to describe the finale in one word i would have to choose 'dissapointing'.after all these months and all this countingdown, i feel like it just didnt deliever. I feel like the whole atmosphere of SGH has changed. there was wayyy to much yelling in this episode for me. And now Callies at Mercy West? what? I feel like the mergeer is NOT a good thing. It will cut SGH airtime in half, most likely, seperating us from our favorite charaters we have grown to love over the past 5 seasons.
The other thing that bothered me was the lack of 'Grey' in the show 'grey's anatomy' !! Now I know Ellen was preagent, but I feel like at least for the premire they could have given her more of a storyline. This might sound crazy, but just a little inference, Is she going to become the next George O'malley, whose screentimde is so shoirt you can't even blink?!! I also found myself frusterated with 2 people. The chief and Alex Karev. The chief is getting old and grumpy and he is deff. showing it. I felt detached from him this episode, his charater seemed And Karev. I feel like this episode gave us a rewind back to season 1 Karev. The jerk we all hated. I hope hope hope for Izzie's sake, he can get his act together, or else their marriage will most liekly fail. I also hated the funeral scene, it just felt so disrespectful. I know that the writers inteneded to be a moment when everything gets so bad, the only thing you can do is laugh about it. But I didnt percieve it that way. I wanted to cry at George's funeral. George was my favorite charater and i wanted everyone to tell stories, reminse and cry! it really just felt so rude to me. The last thing I'll say negivaly is the medical cases on this episode were just boring and really annoying. the boy and his mom didnt touch me, they just annoyed me! The mother was overbearing and angry and the poor boy was just embrassed. I have been in similar situation as the boy, with an shoulder problem that could not be diagnosised, my mom never acted like that, and that lady just disguested me. The other girl Clara was just so bitter and angry, I just couldn't stand her. The only good moment that can out of it was the part when she takes her first step. Okay well I did like A FEW things. lol. One was Meredith's breakdown in front of George's locker. It was really going to bother me if she never showed any emotion and when she finally did I just felt relief. Another thing I loved was the twist of Mark and Callie being next door neighbors. Omg i loved that. And lexie's face when she found out. The last thing i liked were 2 charaters. Izzie and Arizona. I feel like Izzie's going to be a wholeeee new person after surviving cancer. She's stronger and more indepedenet and i really like that. And Arizona, I really liked her last season and I think I will again this season. Okay, well thats my analaysis, feel free to read and ask questions, comments, etc. I'm sorry if I was so negetive, but I think now I realize that I didnt think it would be this hard to lose George. I feel like that underlaying grief really got me and made it hard for me to enjoy the episode.

Grey's Anatomy Season Six: The First Promo

OMG I cant wait! September 24th is only a month and two days away guys! It seems sooo long though! I'm so so excited to see how it all plays out, but i will heartbroken saying goodbye to george. alot of tears, im sure