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She needs to stay only for the fact that some people actually hate her! We need someone stirring the pot people. Drama just doesn't "bippity boppity boo" out of nowhere. Well, maybe on the UES....

90210 Caption Contest: Volume VII

Finn:....And then I gave the prostitute the back of my hand! (Silence) Liam: I'm glad we're related.

Gossip Girl Caption Contest 101

Jenny: Why do you have that stupid grin on your face? Chuck: That's a good question, I'll tell you the answer next season.

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Witches of Bushwick (Season 4)

I'll always root for the underdog. It's just in my nature. So I did cringe when, yet again, NJBC got their way. OUTSIDERS FTW! If only to get this whole show interesting again. They also should get Dan in on the plan after being rejected (Most likely.) by S. I wanna see Serena lose everything! From the rest of the NJBC clan, to her family, to her fortune. Only to see her try and get it all back by HERSELF for once! The girl isn't completely hapless, right? So why always with the "damsel falling for the wrong guy" routine? It's season 4 people. How has this character grown at all?

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