I am a newly discovered McAddict of Grey's. I saw the previews for the season 5 premiere and thought it looked so good that I HAD to watch it. Of course, then I had to go back and watch the rest, so I knew what happened. I never read spoilers, because I watched the entire show knowing what happened (that Derek was married, that Meredith didn't die, that Denny did (and that he didn't die until the prom episode), that Derek and Meredith get back together, that Burke left...), and it was annoying, because the suspense of a lot of it was gone. My friends all brace themselves on Fridays at lunch, because they know they won't get a word in edgewise because I'll be ranting about the previous night's episode.

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Emily: "Dr. Yang, I swear! The Hands of Blue are everywhere in this place, we have to get back to Serenity to warn Captain Mal!"

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Oh wow!!! I almost cried when Denny came on, he's my favorite :( And I love old bailey--I'd forgotten how much!!

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mexie Says:
September 24th, 2010 4:40 PM Owen: You promise patrick dempsey is not going to fly through these doors off a horse and claim his love for you? ^^Favorite!!!!