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Season 4 already, huh? ...and this is the first episode I've ever watched. Seems like I picked a really good one! If Elena pursues Damon, she's an idiot. Anyone can see he's bad news. I can feel sympathy for the guy, and I'm sure there are mitigating circumstances, but already, I'm feeling very protective of Elena, and I want nothing more than for Connor to figure out a way to send Damon to be with his best friend! Quick solution to the whole love triangle thing. Getting tired of love triangles. So...what'd I miss? :-)

NCIS Season Premiere Review: The Aftermath

I agree with those who say the episode felt flat, and that some of the plot was outright stupid. Why would the FBI keep sending 'canaries' into close quarters to arrest a known bomb-maker?? Then, Gibbs did the same DA*N thing at the end. Obviously by that point, Dearing was ready for death by Gibbs--why not do it in a blaze of glory? Unbelievable that Gibbs would take such personal risk when there are much safer ways to accomplish the goal. Total misuse of Gibbs' talent as a sniper. Also, given the size of the blast at NCIS HQ, I agree with those who say the team should be hurt worse.


continuing my other post: ...Ben is a really engaging character, a great foil for Kate & Lauren, so much so that the focus & cast could be read more as an ensemble, now - it's not so much 'Facing Kate' as 'Facing Reed, Reed & Grogan.' They're all formidable at what they do. I think facing any one or all of them would generate great story lines for years to come. I HOPE the network execs agree!

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