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Scandal Review: You Only Live Once

Agreed. There is unexplained time btwn Quinn coming home and her being duct-taped nude on the floor. Everyone speaks fast on the show anyway so a lot could have been said in that timeframe.


YES !!! I'm so happy for Mellie. I hope this is more than a fling because that woman deserves a good man & true love. Jon Tenney is great casting.

Scandal Review: Reunion

Miranda your review is spot-on. I too hope James pretended to cheat on his "pimp" hubby. I wonder if the Vermont Love Shack will produce a baby Olitz (and cover Kerry's pregnancy)? Glad Josie chose family over politics. Big RUT ROH for Quinn & the red toolbox (hope she's not wearing a wristwatch). Small Rut Roh to Fitz declaring war on Eli/Rowan. MamaPope found Olivia's place thanks to media coverage at Liv's place in Episode 1. Luv how mama outsmarted papa. Shout Out to lovers: Dave,Abby,Harrison - yay.

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