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Ed Westwick Cuts Loose at Wedding

Um... seriously? I don't care how good friends I am with someone, I will not be allowing, much less encouraging, my bf to do a striptease for her and her guests. This is just one of those things I don't think people should do, but that's just me because I like to keep my relationship and all it's aspects private.


PS: I don't get why some people are calling her look "classy" in this video... if that's what people think is classy, then I feel really sorry for them. Blair is classy. Leighton is usually edgy, but she missed the mark on this one.


Trashy much? Even Madonna didn't put on so much make up back in the day!!! I love her as an actress, but as far as making her own singles and videos goes, Leighton is terrible. I had the sudden inspiration to revisit another celeb song after I heard this - Paris Hilton's "Stars are Blind" - and by god, it's amazing that even Paris can make a song that sounds better and a video that is less trashy than what Leighton has done for her debut single. Better luck next time!

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McDreamy Or McSteamy?

I would totally choose McSteamy! He is so hot and has the brains! I love how he changed because of little Grey. And Callie and Mark are so cute together and when he pushed Callie to go for Erica - that was so sweet!

McDreamy is not even that sexy. He just has the hair ;)

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Would you rather..

I would be a patient, but I would insist to be Arizona's patient 


Would you rather had Izzie off the show than George?

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Callie and Arizona (Relationships)

When Arizona first showed up I hated her and her stupid shoes :D

But when she kissed Callie in the bathroom I somehow fell for her and now she's my favourite character.

I love the way callie and arizona are together, even though there are not too many scenes between them - yet. They are also quite funny together and I enjoy every scene with Arizona.

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