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I do not understand what everyone has against Brian. I myself see the appeal in both guys and especially the appeal of something you can never have. I feel sorry for Brian cause he keeps getting his heart tromped on and he never gets an explanation. Alec knows what he is getting into even if he can't help it. Having said that, I totally get Alec's dangerous bad-boy persona, but I can understand why Chloe resists him because he represents a part of her life that needs to be hidden, caged and controlled. Its hard to love someone who you sometimes want to throttle for trying to control parts of your life. She both cares for him and respects him for this as well, but you can see what I mean. As for Brian, he has that lost puppy sort of appeal. He needs her and he cares for her like a normal boy would. I am team Brian, but i totally see Alec's appeal. Me and my sisters are all on different sides, it's pretty funny when we watch the show. I completely hope their is a second season and even though I am sure I will get negative comments, i hope she does end up at least being able to be with Brian for a short time. I mean, let's face it, he will find out that the mai had something to do with his mother's death, then they will hook up, then he will find out that she is mai and there will be a dramatic splitting that will either cause a huge unmendable rift in which he joins the Order and helps hunt her, or he will spend several episodes while he struggles with his heard and his head, while Alec steps in and comforts Chloe. or he won't care and become a target of the order himself and possibly die, at which time Alec will help her pick up the pieces. So many directions. Again though, i am rootin for Brian cause I like a sweet, tortured soul guy, what can i say. Besides, what would Chloe do if there wasn't all the drama, heartache and intrigue to make her life and her mother miserable? BRING ON SEASON TWO!!! Pretty please and thank you!

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