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Omg!! So excited!
I have soo many questions to ask, they have been burning up inside me!!
Before I start I would like to say that, I LOVE YOU KERRY WASHINGTON! I am a huge fan of ALL your work!
You are an amazing actress, and a very adaptable actress, you can channel any character or situation easily, with strength and full commitment, this inspires me a lot!!
And yes, I AM A GLADIATOR, just putting it out there! Lol! 1. Where do you find the strength to really commit to your work 150%, despite what may go on around you? Where do you find the strength to continuously out do your self? 2. How is Olivia Pope different from you? And how are you similar? 3. How do you feel about the amazing support you get from your 'GLADIATORS' / ' TeamKerry' ? Does it surprise you? Finally, much love to you miss kerry Washington!
From your long time fan Mulki,

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