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NCIS Review: 101 Uses for a Dead Mole

For MrWriteSF
For me that was just the point. It was to emphasize the fact that they are not agents and did not know or think that they needed to disarm their attacker. As great as they were to use their science skills to escape, at that moment they were out of their element and were lucky to survive. The only question I would have had is why they didn't run? They didn't know that the woman was not in the woods looking for them too. Anyway, I thought it was a good episode, not one of their best, but good none the less. I still think NCIS is the best show on TV, however I must say this has not been my favorite season.

Jamey Sheridan Cast as "The Admiral" on NCIS

Jamey Sheridan is a great choice. Loved his role as Precinct Captain for Major Case on Criminal Intent. Could it be that they are setting him up to be the new NCIS Director? Probably not, but you can never tell for sure. I wouldn't think he had anything to do with Eli's murder, but as I said who knows where the writer's get this stuff from. I'm still not convinced that Jacki is dead, but it is looking more and more like she may very well be. I still think there is a shocking plot to the end of the season and lead in to next season that we cannot fathom just yet. I am enjoying every minute of it.

NCIS Review: The Steel Bonds of Blood

If Jackie Vance is indeed dead, maybe Vance will indeed retire, (allows another character spot for the show to fill in as new Director) and Leon becomes the next Mike Franks coming in to help clean up the mess from time to time. That would make an interesting storyline. As I said before, there are sooooo.... many ways they can take this. By far some of the best writers to ever grace television. There are only a few shows I really make the time to sit and watch each week and NCIS is one of them. I rarely record episodes unless I know that I will not be home to watch, but I set the DVR to record next weeks episode and the rest of the season to make sure I don;t miss it.