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That should be fun to see. I loved Matt on Tru-Calling. Eliza and Matt were great together there. So it should be interesting to watch them have a fling on WhiteCollar. I can't remember anything I didn't like on White Collar, they have great writers and great characters.

The Vampire Diaries Caption Contest 52

Damon: "I'm straining my neck here trying to read this boring ancient book..when I could really use a glass of plum wine." Katherine: "Yea, well don't interupt me, I'm trying not to eat you and while I read 101 ways to suck your blood through my pinky."

Grey's Anatomy Caption Contest 252

Derek:"Meredith if we build our bedroom here we get more sun..
Meredith:"Wait I need my xray vision so I can see through your fingers...hmmmm..
Derek: Don't worry it's in braille,turn up your hearing aid.
Meredith: At least one of us can read it. Don't spit on my coffee!