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NCIS Review: Probie Paradise

I've always thought there was more to Leon than met the eye. I observed the way Gibbs interacted with him and figured that Gibbs saw something there that wasn't obvious to the rest of the team. Leon -by virtue of how he came to head NCIS and from his history in NCIS - has had to prove himself in ways his predecessors didn't. He's savvy enough to see through the protective wall Gibbs has built around himself and recognize that he's built some walls himself. He also knows that Gibbs has been through a loss of a soulmate as he has and knows he'll be a great resource for getting through the healing process - probably more than an encounter group. It didn't surprise me that he would use Gibbs' counsel to figure out a creative way to channel Abby's desire to help into something that wouldn't drive him crazy.
I like "Dorney". Not surprised to see Siva and