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Blake Lively to Pose For Playboy?

I personally don't have a problem with her posing nude or whatever but I think its a dodgy career move.

Gossip Girl Caption Contest 89

Vanessa: "...And this outfit modelled by my bestfriend and occasional playmate, Dan, is from my "Cabbage Patch" collection."
Dan: "Dude, any self respecting cabbage patch kid wouldn't be seen dead in this. I'd rather Nate tutor me in math than dress Cedric in this horrible concoction."

Taylor Momsen Smoking: A Bad Message?

See I find Taylor's portayal confusing. When she conducts actual viral interviews she seems nice enough, I wouldn't consider her majorly approacable, but she smiles and laughs occasionally. Printed articles, show a completely different side to her. So its either the jounalists exaggerating her "rebel" image to make her sound like a total cow, or Taylor doesn't have to guts to look in the camera and say "Fuck Haiti."

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I really enjoy reading the Serenate threads in Fanforum, they are all very creative and artistic! Same goes to Dair :)

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I wish they would do this on GG...

That would be so cute! Little Blair with her little headbands, and AWWWW A MINI SCARF FOR CHUCK!!

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Who is Nate's new girl?

I am not too familiar with Nate/Jenny ship, so can someone kindly post the reasons as why they'll make a good couple? :)

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