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Pretty Little Liars Review: "The New Normal"

omg i loove caleb and hanna! i really hope he gets a more permanent role on the show cos i seriously do heart me some caleb!


i love chuck and blair! haha but yea melissa and ian aint gon last.

Gossip Girl Round Table: "The Townie"

ok i really liked- scratch that -loved- this episode. surprising cos there was no chair but this is the gg i love! and dan and blair are awesome. i love them as friends and partners-in-schemes but i hope they dont end up like becoming a couple.. tht would be weird. dan and serena belong together. and obviously, chuck and blair do. that should never change.
dan and blair will make the greatest friends!

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Best Vampire Series?

1) true blood (sorry.. gotta be honest)

2) vampire diaries

3) twilight

never watched buffy the vampire slayer before.

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Season Finale Thoughts

omg that was simply amazing!!!!!!!!! watching it a second time

the ending was the best..not that the rest of the episode wasmt. cos it so was. man suspenseful from start to end.

and damon was amazing. 

as soon as damon and "elena" kissed, i knew tht wasnt elena. and i was so right!! i think this was a very satisfying end cos katherine has been such an important character thru out the season, and she wasnt even here! so it was fitting and awesome of the writers to bring her in right at the end. and now keep us waiting forever till season 2. 

cant believ damon didnt realize it wasnt elena thO!!

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Chair & Delena

chair is amazing!

yea delena is awesome but i wouldnt really care if they got together cos damon is just always amazing, whether hes with elena or not.

with chair, i like need them to be together. they are tht awesome!

but i guess i love both ships...

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