Hey you guys!

I'm totally obsessed with Gossip Girl (like everyone who is here :P)!

My favourite GG couples are:


Blair & Chuck ♥

Serena & Nate ♥

Jenny & Nate

I totally hate Vanessa and can't wait for Georgina to return!

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Gossip Girl Season Three Cast Photo

the guys look really hot :D Blake looks kinda mean :P weird pose (and again one of her famous "revealing" dresses :P)... i love her but she looks weird here. Taylor&Leighton look awesome! I really like Taylors new style! (and i still don't understand why Jessica is in this pic. for me she's still not main cast.)

Gossip Girl Caption Contest 61

D: No... I mean they can't...
S: I guess they do...
D: But he's like way older...
S: Wow Rufus and Vanessa are one couple i would've never expected... i need to wash my eyes!

Gossip Girl Caption Contest 58

OMG Brazilian Girl, that one was hilarious! haha i'd love a scene where the three of them would talk about it xD J: What? Is there something in my face?
B: No... it's just uhm... your hair... looks kind of like sex hair.
J: What but Eric and I- oh never mind. (i know it sucks =P)