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Ziva has been through a lot. i doubt she's the traitor. she has broken all ties with her real family, has started living a new life in a new country with her new NCIS 'family'. i don't think she would take that kind of risk. regardless, something tells me she's going to get upset at some point in season 9 when the 'Ray, Kort, Tel Aviv, Eli David secrets come to light (well,thats if her father has anything to do with kort and ray going to tel Aviv). poor Ziva, the writers should please give her a break.

NCIS Review: Baltimore's Finest

I'm really getting tired of 'EJ' being mentioned here and there in the episodes. oh well,the port 2 port killer is her case so i may have to suck it up till next season when i get my team back *fingers crossed*.
***i just want her to go back to Rota or get transferred to someplace (i believe her and tony can work something out)though i'm 'TIVA' shipper. i don't need to be constantly reminded of their relationship which by the way irks me every time i watch this show.