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Maybe it's Chuck and Nate because of the whole Jenny&Chuck thing^^...

Poor Nathaniel

yeah, I was wondering too...I hope he's okay :(

Gossip Girl Scoop on Danessa, Rufly

"and that's before another bombshell gets dropped" is this the baby-thing?..or what do they mean by that??

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Where are you from around the world, that you watching Vampire Diaries??

I'm from Germany :D

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gossip girl does facebook~ you have a link for that?? :D

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Jenny/Nate thread.

just read that^^

Intelligent_TV: I read on another site from someone with a reliable source that Nate is getting close to Raina just to help Chuck save his company. Any truth to this?

Raina Thorpe: Obsessed with telling the truth.

Nate Archibald: Hates schemers and liars.

How could these two not WANT each other? Although it might start off a bit untraditionally, Nate and Raina or Rate/Naina, will quickly become very much the real thing.

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