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Wilfred Review: What Do You See?

"In my opinion, Wilfred is" is a terrible place to start exploring Wilfred. It's like the meaning of life, I do not want to know the undeniable objective true answer. The question of Wilfred existence is one you like best personally. Knowing the definitive answer that the writers have basically ruins the point of Wilfred the TV Show. For me Wilfred's existence has a similar purpose to a fantasy or fucked up fairy tales. It's the unknown out of the world creativity that hits you personally makes Wilfred roller-coaster ride and funny. Great writing does not hold your hand and outline it out then leave NO space for your own thoughts. Wilfred is classic case of great that concepts that allows the consumer to perceive and digest it personaly then is given space for themselfs explore with their own thoughts. Wilfred is best enjoyed with one's own brain.

Tournament of TV Fanatic CBS Winner: Revealed!

Aussie vs Aussie, interesting, jeeze we're punching above our weight.


nd admitted he "liked" Annie deeper than ever. Their personal relationship has grown immensely and was always supposed to be more important. The reason why Annie is now more integral to the CIA operation happened because her cover was blown.Simon was willing to sacrifice and give in to the fact she was probably a threat to him professionally . Annie and Simon's personal relationship is now key to the whole operation.
Also yes the whole episode was full of bitterness and sadness without much relief. But it clearly proves my previous TV Fanatic comment one how C.A. "really grown and a matured". C.A. is not the glitzy, polished, vapid drama like most US television it once was. This episode hurt (not a bad thing) but damn was its context deep making it hurt soo damn good. I guess Dan just wasn't mature enough to pick up on all the stimulus of how awesome this episode was.