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The Perfect Storm (Season 1)

What a creepy stalker. Eww i liked Lucas until now [URL=http://www.wellbridal.com]wedding dresses[/URL]

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Five least favorite Grey's character's

Well, I liked Sadie. She had a pretty loud entrance, but she just didn't seemed to be able to get "into" the entire show an didn't really strike me as Mer's best friend, there wasn't real chemistry. But she was ok.  www.wellbridal.com 

Don't really want to mention Burke (Isaah Washington) couse it isn't nice to talk bad about anyone and enough was already said.

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Five favourite characters

My favourite characters are Owen and Cristina because they are brilliant surgeons and amazing persons.[URL=http://www.wellbridal.com]wedding dresses[/URL][URL=http://www.wellbridal.com]wedding gowns[/URL]

The other 3 are Mark, Meredith and Alex.

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