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background music during episodes are TOO LOUD!!!!! (Site Suggestion)

I too agee that background music is drowning out dialog...watching Grey Anatomy last night 2-14-13 I found I missed entire parts of dialog due to the overwhelmingly loud background music. I find it totally distracting...who started this stupid trend? And why don't the networks get it?  These are shows where without dialog whats the point of tuning in. Revenge is another show and Suits last night. Never mind Scandal...they talk fast anyways and then yor drown them out with music...I don't get it. I pay a pretty premium to get cable and I'm thinking my money is better spent elsewhere. They talk about the ratings and low veiwership and wonder why we're tuning out....stop with th eloud background music...it's called background for a reason...it should be in the background setting the mood for the scenes being shown. 


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