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Neighborhood Watch

i cant wait either this is gonna be hilarious and fun. am soo hyped i cant wait for next week tuesday ...............counting the days. this is gonna be my best episode

White Collar Review: Swing for the Fence

i just hope neil gets off the anklet. am sure things would be more interesting when the feds cant track him.........but the funny thing is weather they remove it now or not neil is gonna get his anklet off in another year anyways......considering that he doesnt pull any CONS before then......


u know what, i am also sick of this on going love triangle between stephan , elena and damon.......... and why is it dat everything has to revolve around elena... and she should make up her mind either she sticks with stephan or damon......their is nothing more annonig than a confused elena in love,,,,, also, am kinda digging the whole klaus and caroline thing...." they av dis beauty and beast thing going on. not that klaus is ugly, cause he his soooo NOT!!!!

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