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I so agree with u Julie!!
This is something I been commenting in other websites that involves Chair fans quitting the show because they are not together yet...
I am a major Darena fan and I am so hoping for them to get back together again!! And even though that they are apart now.. Does not mean for me that I will be quitting to watch the show just because my fav couple is not a couple yet. If Chair would have been together by now... It would probably be boring... I am sure of it that they will be a couple! DONT STOP WATCHING THE SHOW BECAUSE YOUR COUPLE IS NOT TOGETHER, OR ELSE IT WILL NOT BE NO SHOW AT ALL!

Gossip Girl Round Table: "You've Got Yale!"

I loved this episode, but to be honest I think that Blair deserved what she got at the end of the show.
I hope Darena stays together!!! I do not want to see that stupid teacher ruining them!!
Maybe Blair`s war bomb is outing Dan and Rachel`s relationship, since Blair said at the end when Dorota said "is it war?" and Blair answers "yes, but this time it will be different" and that she is going to wait till the time is right.. And Dan and Rachel thing might be a good thing to start a war with:P Hehe

What Did You Think of "You've Got Yale"?

I think that Blairs new war plan since she said this time it will be different and she will wait until the right time to start a war with the new teacher might be outing out that the teacher is with Dan or something like that... I dunno:P